README Parser – easy as marshmallow!

README Parser – easy as marshmallow!

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Why it's awesome

Marshmallow create a minimalist documentation using Milligram. Ease to use. No config. No headache. Parser to index.html so easy to prepare as marshmallow!


Install with npm

$ npm install marshmallow

Install with Yarn

$ yarn add marshmallow

Run with npx (without installing)

npx marshmallow



  $ marshmallow []


  -h, --help              Display help information
  -v, --version           Output version
  -o, --output            Set output
  -r, --readme            Set file
  -m, --minify            Minify HTML
  -i, --image             Set image
  -t, --title             Set title
  -d, --description       Set description
  -t, --color             Set color theme
  -t, --url               Set homepage
  -f, --force             Force overwrite


  $ marshmallow
  $ marshmallow --output documentation // documentation/index.html
  $ marshmallow --output docs/index.html

Default settings when no options:

  $ marshmallow --output index.html --readme --minify true

Note: Has PSD support.


Want to contribute? Follow these recommendations.

Designed with ♥ by CJ Patoilo. Licensed under the MIT License.