A meaningful Open Source Boilerplate – easy as cake!

A meaningful Open Source Boilerplate – it's a piece of cake!

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Why it's awesome

Starting an Open Source project with ease. Initify is a work-in-progress project by CJ Patoilo that brings essential information to build professional Open Source projects. Note that there is no cake recipe, there is no right or wrong way or the BEST way, but there are some basic recommendation:

...these and many more are available in Initify, so stay tuned. Hope you enjoy!


Install with npm

$ npm i -g initify

Install with Yarn

$ yarn global add initify

Run with npx (without installing)

$ npx initify



        $ initify  []


        -h, --help              Display help information
        -v, --version           Output Initify version
        -a, --author            Set author
        -e, --email             Set email
        -d, --description       Set description
        -l, --license           Get license
        -i, --ignore            Get .gitignore
        -c, --ci                Get continuous integration
        --no-license            Disallow license
        --no-ignore             Disallow .gitignore
        --no-ci                 Disallow continuous integration
        --no-template           Disallow Github templates
        --no-editor             Disallow .editorconfig
        --no-readme             Disallow readme.md


        $ initify my-app
        $ initify my-app --ignore macos,node,grunt,test
        $ initify my-app --license apache-2.0

    Default settings with no arguments:

        $ initify  --license mit --ignore node --ci travis,appveyor


Want to contribute? Follow these recommendations.

Designed with ♥ by CJ Patoilo. Licensed under the MIT License.