Banner CLI - Create a banner comment from package data.

Create a banner comment from package data.

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Why it's awesome

A command line interface to add relevant information to your source code from package data. This lib reads the package.json files, then a banner is generated based on each of these values: name, version, homepage, year, author and license.

Getting Started

Install with npm

$ npm install banner-cli

Install with Yarn

$ yarn add banner-cli

Run with npx (without installing)

$ npx banner-cli

Note: Install this npm package with -g to global use or with -D to add the package as a devDependency in the package.json file of your project.


Note: Glob support is truth. Find files using the patterns the shell uses, like stars and stuff.

$ banner-cli dist/**/*.css

from package.json data:

  "name": "milligram",
  "version": "1.4.0",
  "homepage": "",
  "license": "MIT",
  "author": "CJ Patoilo <[email protected]>"

to add a banner comment:

 * Milligram v1.4.0
 * Copyright (c) 2020 CJ Patoilo
 * Licensed under the MIT license


$ banner-cli --help


    $ banner-cli <files> [<options>]


    -n, --name              Define project name
    -t, --tag               Define tag version
    -s, --site              Define homepage
    -a, --author            Define author
    -y, --year              Define year
    -l, --license           Define license
    -h, --help              Display help information
    -v, --version           Output version


    $ banner-cli dist/**/*.js
    $ banner-cli dist/**/*.css --author 'CJ Patoilo' --license MIT --site


Want to contribute? Follow these recommendations.

Designed with ♥ by CJ Patoilo. Licensed under the MIT License.